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Post production from beginning to end: picture, sound, colour, vfx, title, credits and graphics.


Documentary features and series for commercial television or online streaming services.


Feature films, short films, series for commercial or streaming services. Netflix pilots.


TVC for commercial television, website and social media content.

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About me

Adam Harley is a driven, passionate and creative Film and Television Editor.

Over the past 19 years, Adam set out to collect significant experience within the areas of Film and Television Editing, on his quest to pursue his goal of becoming a high-profile Film Editor working internationally.

As a passionate Senior Editor and industry insider, Adam has developed a versatile and hands-on approach to creatively craft exciting story telling that truly resonates with the audience, whether on the small or big screen.

Adam is one that have film embedded in his DNA.

Aside from being a talented editor, Adam is tremendously pleasant to spend time with in the cutting room. very patient, willing to listen to all sides, he is collaborative and creative.

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